What Makes Magento One of the Best eCommerce Platforms?

What Makes Magento One of the Best eCommerce Platforms?

eCommerce is a hot topic in the last few years. So, it’s no wonder why so many people are looking for reliable eCommerce platforms. They want to launch online stores relying on the best platforms.

According to some experts, Magento is definitely one of the best eCommerce platforms out there. With its help, most people can run their online stores flawlessly and offer top-notch user experience. The same experts claim that Magento is ideal for eCommerce marketers because it lets them show their products in the best light, allows them to use efficient payment gateways, provide great customer service and handle back-end operations smoothly.

In case you are interested in using a simple, yet efficient CMS, then you should take Magento into account. We will now present a few great reasons why so many top brands are using Magento as an eCommerce platform.

Open source platform

Magento is one of those open source platforms that allow developers and designers to unleash their creativity. In addition, this CMS has a strong community that is coming up with updates and upgrades all the time. Those who want to get help from a professional customer support team can use the paid Magento Go option.

Simple to download and install

Besides the fact that this is an open-source freeware platform, Magento is very simple to download and install. It won’t take more than a few minutes to finish the entire procedure. Use the Magento Connect, the popular eCommerce application store to find the latest version of Magento. Download and install it. After that, you can upgrade the platform whenever you want for free. In addition, you can also use different plugins.

Smooth integration and good support

Magento provides successful integration. You can use all the features right away even if you have migrated to another platform. It comes with automatic updates and a wide array of functionalities that can help you boost your revenues.

A set of highly-efficient eCommerce features

One of the best ways to measure the value of an eCommerce platform is to check its features. In this case, you will be impressed by the number of features provided by this freeware. Some of the features include integrated CRM and ERP platforms based on cloud technology, complex inventory management, modern user dashboards, SMS, email and visual marketing tools, shipping and logistics plans and strategies and more.

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